A truthful log.

A hope or a truth?

It is not always easy. We can get lost amongst the wind of things. The flakes, the stems and air that we breathe is a metaphor of our own telling. I do feel like I am fed with labels and accords… I guess you could say I have a guard up a lot. It is a personal and sociological thing that comes from the dusts that we have to sweep away sometimes.

Human and nature comes from the grass of an everyday delightful smile that becomes reality from truth and honesty. If we are all in this ship together then we must be co-operative with the functional feels that we have to challenge and battle. I sometimes feel singled out and a thought of oppression can dwindle from within but I don’t let this foot stop working because it helps me to come out and celebrate my creative self and being.

I have gone through many challenges and battles. These two words speak words and wisdom. It’s how we look at things that matters. I am writing this blog to talk about what is going on inside for me. I may wake up with a mysterious sense of grit but I know that things can only get better.

Everyday, I feel like I am going through a spiritual sense of enlightenment vs entrapment because I have to find more peace to understand the recollections of my daily thoughts. I am a true believer of ‘higher thinking’ and how what you think is how you act. If you let bad things into your window of opportunity and seeing, then you let in bad troubles ahead which ultimately opens the doors for a rocky road. I take every single day with pride. I respect my days and my everyday accordances. It’s important to BE YOURSELF.

Comfortability is something that I work on. I have to open myself because I know that this life that we live is a perfect one for a perfect dream ahead because we have to say things as it is and accept what is going to happen and for what it is. I think this is why I have a tight social circle especially because I am working on creating valued connections and appreciating interesting friendships for the present future ahead.

I want better friendships because over the years my friendship numbers have decreased for a reason. At the moment, I am working on my own work needs and to support my future travel goals. I will make a better wealth and meet interesting more like-minded people. And you never know, maybe even find a perfect partner. Who knows…dreams are possible?

For anyone reading and hearing this, I hope that you realise that it’s okay to be beautiful and feel a sense of loveness. This year will be easier once the boat ships more east and towards the next destination. I motivate myself more and more and to surround myself with more. I am working on hobbies and interests at the moment because I think this is what helps me dream a truth. Hobbies such as dancing, singing and language learning and personal fitness.

I want the rest of this year to be a lovely one and for more dreams to be sold into the reality of everyday challenge, thought comfort and success and to be sunken into a golden leaf of tranquillity. May good things steer ahead and now.

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