Within a Well.

A fact of life is that well-being reflects my own character, behaviour, health and happiness. My health hasn’t always been a vision of clear warmth. How I feel is dependent on my humanity, concepts and needs as this affect part of my knowledge and thoughts.

For me, sometimes I wonder why the world spins like a thunderball of wildness and while there are my dreams and hopes I have to imagine and picture that how I live is determined by the climate of secureness within the air. It is like the pace is under a movement of natural intuition of a mind and the cycle and flow of being in a sensorial space.

How can thoughts be so deep? Thinking too much is positive or negative? In my honest opinion it is the biggest issue when I reflects on my own horizon too much. Such as my foreseeable future and my connections because in all honesty it can make me guarded and alone with myself. Why must my sensory and overloadness cloud my judgement and procedures?

Going too much into the long term vision can make my concepts so imperfect and boring because I dream too big and I want things to happen but I go off to another direction where things are pending in the frame but aren’t happening. I would say this is down to over-ambition and lack of perserverance and it keeps me guarded with an amazing imagination/congition.

Do you believe that what we imagine can become the scene or is it a fact of the social compass? To be continued.