How to Live Your Best Life

This blog is written from experience. I am not a coach. I just write blogs on my reflections and if you would like to learn more then please read on.

How to Live Your Best Life is not about living in perfection, it’s more to do with accepting where you are at now and how you can make it the best living experience. Here are my rules:

1) Live your dreams and goals
I notice that whenever I have a thoughts in my head, my brain is subconsciously and sometimes consciously telling me that something needs to change. Everything happens with a reason and thought behind it. Be a leader in thought, happiness and action because in most cases you are going to be in control of your own perception, and horizons. Think deeply (not too deep) and execute that ambition when you are ready.

2) Acknowledge the bad and remove it
If you know there’s a problem or a bad feeling your best way to accept it for what it is to move on from it. Whether it’s a friend, a close companion or a bad scene, we live and we adapt. You have to be honest with your dearest thoughts and honestly stay clear from making that negative experience take over again. If someone or something is not serving you well then you should challenge it by moving all the way away. Distance yourself from bad energies.

3) Talk to your network or friends
There’s no doubt that talking to people is a highly effective way of being your best self because they are there for a purpose. They know how you work (well some of them). Friends and support networks are there to help you to take extra steps. Yes you might hold the key to someone’s future with one sentence or tip so make sure you always give as well as take from others because random acts of loyalty can bring you a step further to a space of enjoyment and life fulfilment.

4) Treat yourself with respect
Always shine. Like Rihanna says “Shine bright like a diamond.” I think this speaks volumes for how I think as a person (haha). Allow yourself to visualise and feel like that better person you want to be because believe it or not, if you don’t give yourself that internal power to scope out your horizon then you are missing your future. Be kind to yourself. Know your values as well as limits.

5) Think like an icon
Allow yourself to look and feel like a superstar. I’m not even joking. I believe that we can all feel amazing if you think like one. I’m not saying copy exactly what your role models are doing but try to be originally unique so you know when it comes to feeling great you’ll tick every box.